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We read to know we're not alone. -C.S Lewis 

Image by Seven Shooter
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  • The research about summer reading is clear, it is extremely important. Research shows that students hit a “summer slide” when they stuff their backpack into the closet after the last day of school and start digging for it at the end of August, right before school starts.

  • The summer slide can cause students to have a 47% drop in their academic skills. 

  • Imagine if you have ridden the summer slide, every summer. The sum of this loss has a negative impact on grades and eventually your potential income.

  • I saved the best piece of research for can read whatever you want! Just read something!

  • The research shows that simply engaging in the practice of reading counts! How cool is it to know that the Lord of the Rings Series could bring you financial gain later on in life!

Reasons to read this summer:

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