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Book and Headphones
Best Books of 2020

Best Books of 2020

Top books, in all genres, a master list of sorts!

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction

Real life, sports, growing up, identity, relationships--see what the Seattle Public Library recommends!



War stories, biographies, science, history, news, real life.

Top Teen Fantasy Books

Top Teen Fantasy Books

Need an escape? These are your dragons, mermaids, witches, and wizards category.

Graphic Novel Recommendations

Graphic Novel Recommendations

Prefer your book to be light on the words, big on the themes, and have amazing graphics?



Enjoy a challenge? These are your timeless texts. They have held their own for a long time with universal themes.

Create a book wish list with a chance to win!

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*Books must be in a Richland, Pasco, or Kennewick High school library already, or be approved by Delta staff.


Special thanks to Adventures Underground & the local P.E.O. chapter for your generous donations.

What are the staff at Delta High School reading?

Mrs. Paulakis--Raising the Strong Willed Child

Ms.Tate--Celebrating Women in Mathematics and Science

Mrs. Troxel--Real Simple, magazine subscription

Mr. See--World Travel, An Irreverent Guide

Ms. Landwehr-- Woman in the Window

Mr. Hogg--Crafting Handmade Shoes

Mrs. Hoppe--Exodus

Mr. Keaney--Growing a Farmer, How I Learned to Live Off the Land

Mr. Glodo--Move Your Bus

Donnell--Menus & Recipes

Mr. Blacketer--Jerusalem, a cookbook

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